B1 Accessories
  1. Hand-held microphone/speaker. The B1 can be outfitted with a handheld microphone, available at extra cost. It attaches to the right side of the radio. 
  2. Ear-piece/microphone. The B1 can be outfitted with an ear-piece and microphone, also available at extra cost. It also attaches to the right side of the radio.
  3. If neither a microphone or ear-piece is attached, a small plastic cover is available at extra cost, which will help keep the connector free of debris.
  4. A spare battery is common to many go-kits. You can purchase an extra battery, with rating of 2500mAh@7.6V. It will include a belt clip that is attached with two small screws. It’s easiest to install the belt clip by placing the battery on a flat surface, then pressing down on the belt clip while aligning the screw holes and tightening as necessary.
  5. If you prefer a belt loop mount over a belt clip, one is available at extra cost. Check Gigaparts.com for these accessories.

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Has anyone found the MIC pin-outs. Will this Radio work for Winlink and VARA FM ???

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