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Full Version: Issue with RFinder & Zello
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So I’m having some issues with audio when switching from RF to Network.  The RF side works fine, albeit I get complaints of my TX audio being soft and slightly low.  People notice a big difference when I switch radios.  And the RFinder app crashes on my constantly.  But besides that, when I’m done with RFinder I will completely power off the RFinder app and close it out, when I open the Zello app and TX I don’t produce any audio it’s just silent air.  I have to completely power off the phone and power it back on to be able to get my TX audio back on Zello.  RX audio works just fine it’s only TX.  Again my issue isn't with the RFinder app its Zello that isn't working properly...  And before anyone asks yes my RFinder app and Firmware are both updated to current ones.  Is this a known bug and is anyone else experiencing this?
I’ve seen this happen with EchoLink as well
These are known bugs - I saw on the FB group that Bob has a beta version being tested right ( 03-09-2021 ) to address these issues and a bunch of others. If you are interested you can contact Bob to be a beta tester of this latest build.