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Full Version: MY bugs, so far
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Sound comes and goes.  I can see people transmitting on the dashboard and I see the green light... but no sound.  If I click off and on, sometimes it works.  Other times, I have to reboot the entire phone.... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes I have to reboot the hotspot.  So I spend a lot time rebooting things.

I installed the external hand mic and it worked fine.  I removed it and the phone got stuck in headset mode and I lost the functionality of hearing my phone calls on the ear mic on the phone.  I did a factory reset and it fixed the problem.

I have yet to hit a DMR repeater (without the hotspot), even when a mile away.  So far I have only been able to use it over the internet.

The Rfinder App crashes randomly when making changes.

Manually switching to another repeater, it shows the new settings but it doesn't work unless you turn the radio off and back on.

I've only had this radio for about a week and have been in contact with Bob, so I'm hoping to get the bugs worked out soon, so I can enjoy this fine piece of equipment.
I have not have any of the problems that you mentioned above with my B1. It works like a charm. Have you updated it to the latest version of the software ? Maybe you just got a lemon and need your radio replaced. Hopefully you can get it resolved. It's the best radio I've ever owned.