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Transmit/Receive Bug? - ecmckinley - 01-22-2021

I purchased an RFinder B1 this week and have set everything up.  I am having an issue that makes no sense to me, I am hoping you can give me guidance.  
I noticed that I was receiving no activity whatsoever using a pistar hotspot.  I opened the dashboard and when I key up in talkgroups, I can see where I am transmitting.  However, I hear no response even though I can see others answering.  Purely by accident I hit the PTT key while someone was answering my CQ, the green light came on and I could hear them.  I then entered a conversation, but each time after transmitting, I had to hit the PTT to hear them.    Also, I am hearing nothing on repeaters that downloaded to my B1.
Is there some type squelch setting that I cannot find?  Have you heard of this happening before, can you help?