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RFINDER HCP-1 & RADIO MODES - M0MTD - 07-25-2021

Hi all.
My 1st post.  I am thinking of buying the HCP-1 however before i do i want to make sure it is what i require so i am hoping you guys can assist me please.

Currently i use a MMDVM Pi-Star Hotspot and find if i want to use DMR then i have to use a DMR Radio, If i want to use FUSION then i have to use a FUSION Radio, If i want to use D-STAR then i have to use a D-STAR Radio.  Three radio's required to operate these modes.

If i buy the HCP-1, is this situation going to be the same or can i use just one Radio for everything?

Many thanks
Stay Safe

73 Tony de M0MTD