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RFinder B1 ROM update 18.8
Do not extract the file. Copy it to a folder on the B1, then use the install instructions below:

Updated 10/18/2021
RFinder B1 Firmware update instructions (via FOTA):
1. Go to Android System Settings. Scroll down to System and open. Select About phone.
2. Select System Upgrade. New menu appears showing Remote updates or Local updates. If you have the new ROM
downloaded to the radio (pictures folder is ok), select Local updates. Otherwise, select Remote updates.
3. OS Upgrade menu appears. Your current system version is listed (v17.4). Tap on version check.
4. Take note of announcement that system needs to be updated # likely 2 or 3 (or however many restarts required to
complete the entire system update).
5. After image download completes, select Upgrade OS. System update installs.
6. B1 reboots and screen shows completing updates bar.
7. When complete, restart B1 again. Then restart B1 again. (If the announcement said Restart 2x, do it now).
Throw in another Force Restart if you're feeling lucky.
8. To confirm ROM update, go back to Settings menu, System, About phone, scroll down to Custom build version
and look to see the update listed.

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