B1+ ROM 8.1 Update Install
For those who haven't been through a ROM update, the processed has been greatly simplified. This 8.1 ROM update is for B1+ users who were experiencing "motor boating" issues.

1. Options, Check for Updates. If it says an update is available, go ahead and install it. When the DL is complete, continue on.

2. System Settings System, About Phone, System Upgrade, Local updates, Internal shared storage, Download, Select the ROM file similar to K608_DT865_RFinder-B1-plus, answer OK to the Alert when asked if you are sure to reboot.

3. Screen goes black for about 20 seconds, the waterproof logo appear, Installing system update circle appears.

4. Install takes 3-5 minutes, then system restarts in several more minutes. Android update continues for awhile longer.

5. Once system has restarted, Restart once more.

6. Start up RFinder app. All settings retained from before.

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