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Manual input of freqs to B1
Q: Can I manually program my own set of frequencies into the RFinder B1?
A: Yes, you can manually program frequencies, like the national simplex calling frequencies, or your local hotspot into the RFinder B1, or local public service frequencies for police and fire monitoring. An easier option though is using, enter your RFinder account credentials, and clicking the link “Manage RFinder Radio Android Memories”. That will bring up a page where you can add and save Zones and frequency info, then import them to the radio. Note: When you enter these data into your RFinder account, they are stored on the cloud. After entering data on, go to the radio and navigate to “Cloud Restore Memories”, and the new memory zones you entered on computer will show on the radio. After “importing” the data to the radio, you can now select FM Narrow or Wide band, and adjust other settings as needed.

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