Meaning of Red TX Light Patterns When TX
I'm wondering if some one would be so kind as to give me a bit of a run down in what the red TX light is telling me when it blikcs or goes on briefly as opposed throughout TX. Bob mentioned it in passing yesterday on the phone...I am almost exclusively a HotSpot user, with few DMR repeaters within reach here, but as I try too hit a few, it'd be helpful to know what the light is telling me.

In this scenario, the RFinder B1 shows me (3) Repeaters in my town, allegedly all on 444.000:

#1 WX1NH Hartford (VT) 444.000 (-5.0) PL 0 DMR/MARC

#2 WX1NH Hartford (VT) 444.000 (-5.0) DMR/MARC PL 0      <<<<<< (same exact listed again)

#3 N1DAS White River Jct (VT) [note still within Hartford, VT) 444.000 (-5.0) PL o

Presumably these are all the same machine, but at least two have wrong info??? I'm at 800 ft and 3 miles from one LAT/LON and 5.6 from the other. After choosing the one TG listed, 'TS:2 GC:9 - Local or Reflector,If I key up on the first one, the red LED blinks once briefly.

#2 gets same response

#3 the red LED stays on thru PTT, no respons

...I get it that may be all of the data is wrong may be??... but having scoured the one page manual for the B1 I didn't see anything on the red TX LED. .....that's fine, but having scoured the one page manual I am still curious what the LED is indicating???

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