RFinder Updates:

RFinder B1 ROM Update:
  1. Download the desired ROM upgrade to your computer, and move the file to the B1 using a USB cable. Save the file in the Pictures folder.
  2. Restart the B1, but don’t start any apps.
  3. On the B1, go to Settings, System, About phone, System Upgrade, Local updates, Internal shared storage, Pictures and select the ROM upgrade you previously copied over.
  4. It will take several minutes to complete the ROM upgrade. The radio may restart several times.
  5. When the upgrade is finished and radio is restarted, restart the radio again.
  6. Check to make sure the new ROM is installed by going to Settings, System, About phone, scroll down to Custom build version and make sure it says V16.0 or whatever update was just released.
  7. Install of new ROM complete.

RFinder app apk Update for B1:
  1. You should install the RFinder app from the Google Play or Apple Store. If you have downloaded a newer version that is not yet available publicly, then follow these steps.
  2. The old app must be uninstalled before loading a new version of the app. Make sure you have your RFinder login credentials: Name, Callsign, email address, password available, and save any channels you have separately programmed into the radio by selecting Memories, and Cloud Save Memories.
  3. Start by uninstalling the current RFinder app from the B1. Do this by holding down on the app icon, then select app info, and UNINSTALL. Once the app has been removed, restart the radio.
  4. Navigate down to the Pictures folder on the B1, and select the RFinder apk file you wish to install.
  5. Once the install is complete (Betas may crash a lot and require restart) then do restart the radio again before starting the app.
  6. Now re-configure your B1 by going down each menu item. Along the way you will program your DMR ID. Do the Continental Preload, Subscription Info, Load DMR User DB, and RoIP Options. You should also Filter out bands you down want downloaded to the B1. Check the Memories menu item when you are radio to import your personal channels by selecting CLOUD RESTORE MEMORIES.

Using the B1 over RoIP.
  1. You do not need to program in the RX or TX frequencies when using the B1 RoiP. Just make sure you have Mode DMR selected, your DMR ID inserted, and the DMR channel you wish to connect in Call:. Color Code, Group, and TS are irrelevant. Click on SEND PARAMETERS to complete the connection for RoIP to work. Try selecting a widely used Call the first time. 
Note: My install process was laborious because my B1 crashed at least 30 times. I finally got tired and put the radio down for 15 minutes, then went back to it and tried TG 91 and had several QSOs immediately, reporting good sound, and sounding very good on the radio. I believe the crash issue had mostly to do with getting the DMR ID to take. Look for a couple other places to get the DMR ID inserted and this should take care of the constant crashes.
Thanks so much for posting these directions. I was able to update my B1 to the latest beta software and ROIP is just fantastic. Making some great contacts this morning. 73 - KF5XW

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