Device not Booting RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR, ROIP and FM
Hi All 

I would like some help her on my problem on my RFinder B1 
I just received my device there is  an issue with the device RFinder B1
suddenly it switch off   and not booting giving me a blinking  red light on top left next to the camera  screen no  display   on the device  fully black screen not responding / booting up
I tired to change  battery same issue   ,  tried to hold down volume down key & power key     ,
tried PTT + Power + Volume down key  ,  tried Volume up key  + Power key , Removed the battery for  for some time ,   same  issue with the device  its not booting up .
Please advise me on how to fix this issue   do you of a recovery software  I can use or troubleshoot
Regards  73
Hamad Alawadhi

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