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B1 cellular connections
Q: What cell companies does the RFinder B1 work with?
A: The RFinder B1 works with Verizon, TMobile, AT&T, Mint Mobile, and their MVNOs as well as CA, SA, EU, Oceana and Asian carriers. 

It will not work with Tello or Sprint. May not work with Visible Phone (uses Verizon)

If your B1 won't recognize the sim card you had activated in another phone (where it did work), download the app "LTE Discovery" on the OLD phone. See what band it is using for Verizon. If it is Band 13 or 66, you may not get coverage on the B1, since the B1 does not support those Bands. Info courtesy Andy Nourse.
I was told today at a Verizon store (Yes, Verizon, not a reseller) that this phone can't be put on their network because the IMEI is not recognized by their system. I double checked this tonight, neither the IMEI nor the MEID are valid in the Verizon "Bring your phone" lookup. I get "The device ID you entered is not valid." So what do I need to tell Verizon to get this phone on the network?.


/Ted - KC1JMZ
Never mind.  I just found and read the "Start Here" doc.  If someone could let me know if there is any update on the IMEI compatibility with Verizon, that would be helpful.  The Verizon folks I talked to can't/won't try to put my B1 on the network because they have been trained not to even try unless the IMEI appears in their app.

They gave me some BS story that the upgrade of their towers to 5G dropped my B1 off the system.

Stuck right now.

The really annoying thing is that I put the SIM card from my iPhone 11 into the B1 and it came right up.  So, it *would* work if it only could.

/Ted - KC1JMZ
Just for info, I have a hotspot router that I had to provide Verizon with its IMEI and it took them 3 weeks to address my router. So I will try ATT ot T-Mobile in mine.

/Chan - KC4CL

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