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  SIM card removal, How?
Posted by: NE4Y - 07-15-2021, 09:27 AM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (1)

So, I've had my B1 for 1 day. I pulled the SIM outta my verizon phone popped it into the slot in the B1. Was able to call and text no problem. Yea! Now, I want to put the SIM back in my "other" phone and I can't get the SIM outta the slot. Any suggestions? Tools I need. I am being gentle to no scratch the board or any connections, but I have been been very unsuccessful in getting it out. HELP!

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  What's RoIP?
Posted by: k7gps.dave - 07-10-2021, 07:46 PM - Forum: Development - No Replies

I'll do the best I can to describe RoIP. It's not difficult to understand.

There are two ways to get your signals from your radio to its destination. Rota (Radio over the air) processes your voice input to analog or digital format, transmits it over the air to a receiving station, maybe or maybe not using the internet. The receiving station processes the analog or digital signal and hears what you said. Note, I just made up this acronym "Rota". It just makes RoIP easier to understand.

The second way, RoIP, if for digital signals only, like DMR, where the process involves changing your voice input to digital format, e.g. 1's and 0's, then transmitting them to a destination radio, internet radio or some other system. In RoIP, those 1's and 0's are compressed and packetized and sent via Internet Protocol over the phone's cellular data connection. There is no TX over a radio frequency, just conversion of the voice input to digital format and transmitted over the phone's cellular data connection. No repeater or hotspot is used in RoIP. Thus, the only necessary piece of info to be digitized is the DMR ID of the receiving station. When you want to make a call using RoIP on the B1, bring up the menu like you're going to input a new frequency, poke in the DMR ID you want, send the parameters, then switch from radio to IP mode using the grayed button. The B1 power button will change from RED to BLUE background, and the radio is ready for communications on the DMR ID entered. 

Note: You cannot use Promiscuous mode while using RoIP. At least, not yet. The plan is to allow a user to enter multiple, say up to 5, DMR IDs in the spot, then the radio would monitor those 5 IDs for traffic. Details are being worked on now. 

Comments solicited, please.

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  New to DMR and B1
Posted by: Pepper - 07-02-2021, 12:59 PM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (4)

Before I post this I want to thank you all for help ahead of time. I am new to DMR and the B1. I have had the radio for one week. No problem on the FM analog side. I am having problems on the DMR side. I have not been able to bring up a DMR repeater. I am not using a hotspot at this point. 
     How do I tell if a DMR repeater is functional ? Do I need to worry about talk groups or is there a general one that I need to use. Some are brandmiester  some not. Yes I have a DMR number it is in the radio. One of the locals suggested I need to register with brandmieast DMR. What general  DMR information or You tube do you recommend. I have see all of the you on the B1 that I have found. Thanks

Lancaster County Pa.

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  Device not Booting RFinder B1 HT Radio, Android DMR, ROIP and FM
Posted by: A61GP - 06-06-2021, 07:20 AM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

Hi All 

I would like some help her on my problem on my RFinder B1 
I just received my device there is  an issue with the device RFinder B1
suddenly it switch off   and not booting giving me a blinking  red light on top left next to the camera  screen no  display   on the device  fully black screen not responding / booting up
I tired to change  battery same issue   ,  tried to hold down volume down key & power key     ,
tried PTT + Power + Volume down key  ,  tried Volume up key  + Power key , Removed the battery for  for some time ,   same  issue with the device  its not booting up .
Please advise me on how to fix this issue   do you of a recovery software  I can use or troubleshoot
Regards  73
Hamad Alawadhi

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  BOXCHIP S700A with Rfinder
Posted by: alcanjp - 06-06-2021, 04:51 AM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies


  I have seen a Youtube video where a rom upgrade of Rfinder M1 to a S700A was done and turned the S700A to a Rfinder.  I am tempted but the video is not very clear on the details and I don't use FaceBook.


Does anyone have experience with this?

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  Access to RFinder Subscription
Posted by: Rick WW6RC - 05-29-2021, 03:22 PM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

I can't access the RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory Subscription web page. Every time I try I get the following error:
[color=var(--heading-color)][font="Segoe UI", Tahoma, sans-serif]This site can’t be reached[/font][/color]
[font="Segoe UI", Tahoma, sans-serif]www.rfinder.net took too long to respond.[/font]
[font="Segoe UI", Tahoma, sans-serif]Try:[/font]

[font="Segoe UI", Tahoma, sans-serif][color=var(--error-code-color)]ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT[/font][/color]

I get this message whether I am using Google Chrome or MS Edge.

Can you help me get access to my subscription account?

Rick Cowperthwaite

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  Server Has Disconnected
Posted by: n2oml - 05-13-2021, 05:16 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Hi All,

I am currently at version 10.6.  I'm trying to upgrade to the current version.  I followed instructions on the Youtube video and the FAQ.

When I select "version check" after a bit it returns:

The server has disconnected.



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  Android side of the B1
Posted by: Bill - 05-12-2021, 06:33 PM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (1)

Does the android operating system support CarPlay?

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Sad What Cellular Provider to use for new service.
Posted by: n5psm@arrl.net - 05-09-2021, 07:19 PM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (7)

What cell phone provider can anyone recommend?

   I want a new services as I only have my company phone (work)

When I went to Verizon and AT&T they both said my B1 was not compatible with their network.

....what am I doing wrong

73 de N5PSM, David

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  HCP-1 The display
Posted by: Chris - 04-30-2021, 08:27 AM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (1)

Hi I am wondering some things regarding the display.

The HCP-1 display contains fields for:

  • CPU Temp ( it shows the temperature correctly) Smile

But no value or info in these fields:  
  • CPU Cycles
  • CPU Load
  • DISK Free
 Why are there these fields if there is never any info ?   Huh

And another question:
On the internet i have seen pictures of the Display on the Rfinder HCP-1 which seems to have other Layouts. How and where do you choose other Layouts ?

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